Our Clients Deserved More From Their Creative Teams. We Built An Integrated Agency That Could Deliver.

Helm & Hue comes from a partnership spanning all sides of the creative arena: branding, marketing, design, web development, and print production. Our agency was birthed from the clear need to form a company whose abilities stretched as far as the clients and industries we served. Before we merged, our team managed and owned branding agencies, design firms, and a commercial print brokerage.

Together, our collective capabilities are all-encompassing – offering clients the ability to handle their creative needs from start to finish, or simply pick up projects on an as-needed basis.

Branding & Ideation

At Helm & Hue, we do more than create logos and choose pretty fonts for our clients. We begin with an in-depth discovery process that explores eight key points to uncover the who, what and why of your company, and reveal all of the important elements needed to create an overall brand strategy. By the time we’re finished, you’ll be equipped with a complete branding toolbox to propel your business for the long term.

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Marketing Plans & Strategy

Even the best products and services cannot always sell themselves, yet many businesses ignore marketing until it’s too late. We’ll work with you to create an easy-to-execute marketing roadmap by identifying your company strengths (and weaknesses), find out what your audience truly cares about and how best to reach them. Informed by the right research, we’ll identify crucial marketing objectives, craft high-level strategies and engaging tactics to put you in front of the right people and, ultimately, increase your bottom line.

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Graphic & Print Design

It’s difficult to find an agency that adequately performs on all ends of the creative front. Branding, market strategy, design & layout, and production all require a career of development and expertise. Traditionally, agencies work to develop a brand while a second may develop advertising and strategies based on that brand. Another may take over to design collateral, signage, and other materials, while yet another group handles production.

Helm & Hue handles all aspects of the design process. We save our clients time, energy, and alleviate the risk of communication breakdown with an award-winning team of industry spanning creatives.

Recent Projects

WordPress Web Development

In an increasingly digital market, companies need a functional, responsive, secure website to both grow and enhance their market reach. Maintaining brand recognition among clients is paramount to ensuring brand growth and customer loyalty. Just as important is a brand’s ability to maintain and control their website after it’s been built.

Helm & Hue focuses on building websites on the WordPress platform; offering clients a uniquely customizable, brand-centered digital footprint that ensures digital security, enhances user experience, and empowers a client’s full control after project completion.

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Commercial Offset Printing

What sets Helm & Hue apart from other agencies is our ability to handle commercial offset & large format printing through our private facilities. Our business model allows us to offer an almost endless array of printing capabilities; spanning across traditional marketing media to direct mail, EDDM, large-format signage and vinyl, and more unique & specialty items.

It’s this all encompassing business model that allows our pricing to beat national and local printers by up to 50%. It’s our strict use of gang-run offset print production methods that sets our quality ahead of our competition.

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