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July 21, 2017
July 21, 2017 helmhue
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Here at Helm & Hue, we love working with our amazing clients! Whether they’re a solo entrepreneur or a global company, our clients are all making an impact in their communities. We’ve developed this series as a way of helping them expand their reach and spread the word about how they are making a difference. 

This week’s featured Client Spotlight is Jennifer Zeile, the Director of Marketing and Business Development for Stewart Moving & Storage (SMS). Take it away, Jennifer!

Tell us a little about SMS – what’s the primary goal you’re trying to accomplish?

Our goal is to make moving less stressful! Many folks have never hired a professional mover and some who have- had a less than perfect experience. It really doesn’t have to be that way!  Plan ahead, reach out to your local Stewart Moving & Storage office, and let us handle the heavy lifting- I promise it is much easier than begging your friends and paying them with pizza and beer.

Tell me how you got involved with SMS:

Stewart Moving & Storage was my mover twice before I ever worked for the company.  Then, they became a client of mine- I was an advertising rep and created a campaign for Stewart on HGTV and other TV networks… The rest is history and I’ve been here over a year now.

Describe a day in the life of SMS:

Our Move Teams work so hard! After the Consultant visits the family and gets an idea of what assistance they need- the pieces all start coming together. The right crew, truck and materials are planned, all the working parts coordinated and the magic happens. From packing to protecting the home from accidents, loading, transporting, protecting the new home, and unloading- shoot, we’ll even unpack and haul away the empty boxes! It’s our mission to make moving less stressful and we will do whatever it takes!

What is one of SMS’ biggest challenges?

Educating the consumers and getting them to not only focus on price. We see the competition underbid the jobs quite often and we don’t do business that way. (Moving Estimates are usually non binding, if the job goes over estimate, customer pays the higher price). Educating them also on what Full Value Protection is and how to make the decision on if it’s right for them or not.

What might our readers be surprised to learn about SMS?

We are one of the Largest Independent Moving companies in the southeast. Most interstate companies are affiliated with a big national van line like United or Mayflower and we were; until 3 years ago when we went fully independent and we have grown in a huge way ever since. We are also very experienced in commercial moves- from office & industrial, to hospitality, receiving services, and more. Our teams have extensive experience moving things most of us never even think of!

Tell us a recent success story:

Just before the holidays, we were working with a family and there were several moving parts.  The mother had passed away and we needed to move the things out of her home- some went to storage and some to other family members locally and others further away. Then a couple weeks later, the next phase of the move needed to take place- moving mom’s belongings out of her storage unit… and in the next couple weeks, the final phase is scheduled to help one of the daughters move into her new home. Even separately, these are very stressful, labor intensive events for a family! Not to mention, having to deal with them in such a short timeframe. When we are able to step in and take care of the heavy lifting, the logistics, and all the details; we also try to take away the stress! We are entrusted with everything a family has (literally) and that’s especially evident in a situation like this – it was huge for the family and the look of relief on their faces made all our hard work worthwhile.

What’s next for SMS?

Growth! We have grown a lot in the past few years and we want to continue that. We are really focused on mastery, training, diligence, integrity, honesty. We implement the leading technology and training to deliver a service that’s second to none – and it’s only going to get better. By being THE Best at what we do, and sharing our signature level of service to more families- we see this becoming the standard in our industry.