Client Spotlight: Bright Body

January 16, 2018
January 16, 2018 helmhue
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Here at Helm & Hue, we love working with our amazing clients! Whether they’re a solo entrepreneur or a global company, our clients are all making an impact in their communities. We’ve developed this series as a way of helping them expand their reach and spread the word about how they are making a difference.


This month’s featured Client Spotlight is Bright Body, a new company making all-organic and natural products for hair, face, and skin. We talked with the founder, Gabi Day, about her personal quest to reduce her exposure to toxins in her daily routine, people’s perceptions about natural products, and her deep dive into chemistry education to get it all right. Take it away Gabi!

Tell us a little about Bright Body – what’s the primary goal you’re trying to accomplish?

My goal was to create a line of hair, skin, and body care products that are truly natural and free of common toxins. Before I started Bright Body, I looked for a brand that met my standards for what I wanted in (and out) of my personal care products, but I couldn’t find one that really lived up to its natural and organic marketing.

What made you decide to start your company?

I suffer from multiple chronic illnesses. During my most recent (and most severe) flare, I started evaluating how I could cut toxins and other contaminants out of my life. I had to take some pretty strong medications and I didn’t want to expose myself to any more synthetic chemicals with side effects than necessary. I already ate organic and had self-care practices in place, but I knew the last avenue I needed to investigate was what I was putting on my skin and hair. Once I started reading the labels and searching ingredients on the Environmental Working Group Database, I realized that I needed to make a change. I did research on existing brands but couldn’t find one that really lived up to its natural image, so I decided to take matters into my own hands, and Bright Body was born.

Describe a day in the life of Bright Body…

Every day is a little different. Right now, I have one production day per week with a production assistant I recently brought on. Mondays are devoted to scheduling my weekly social media posts – a surprisingly time-consuming process. The other days of the week are a mix of shipping, website-tweaking, contacting and meeting with potential stockists, reaching out and collaborating with beauty and wellness personalities, and miscellaneous spreadsheet fun (everyone who knows me knows that I have a special love for Excel).

What is one of the Bright Body’s biggest challenges?

One of Bright Body’s biggest challenges is changing people’s ideas about what is necessary for healthy skin and hair. While most natural product lovers understand the importance of keeping some of our natural oils for healthy skin, it has been more difficult to get people to understand that the suds we have grown accustomed to in our shampoos are usually stripping our hair of essential natural moisture. Educating customers on the importance of cleansing without stripping isn’t easy, especially when it comes to changing their expectations of what our cleansers will feel like. But people are coming around! The “no-shampoo” movement is catching on.

What might our readers be surprised to learn?

Readers might be surprised to know that I taught myself all of the cosmetic chemistry required to make my products. I did not work with a chemist! I spent many, many hours teaching myself how to make stable emulsions, proper ratios of ingredients for maximum effectiveness, proper preservation techniques, and more. I have always been and will forever be a science geek at heart!

Tell us a recent success story.

A new customer tried out one of our toners and facial moisturizers and reported immediately positive results. She said her skin “hasn’t looked this good in a while” and “even her husband noticed a difference!”

What’s next for Bright Body?

We just finished up a ton of holiday pop-up sales events in November and December, and we’re working now on getting into several more markets for 2018. And we are always working on expanding our stockists.

You can see more about our branding and design work with Bright Body here.

Want to know more about Bright Body, including specific information on the ingredient’s they use and why? Connect with them below!

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