Client Spotlight: Gather

February 13, 2018
February 13, 2018 helmhue
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Here at Helm & Hue, we love working with our amazing clients! Whether they’re a solo entrepreneur or a global company, our clients are all making an impact in their communities. We’ve developed this series as a way of helping them expand their reach and spread the word about how they are making a difference.


This month’s featured Client Spotlight is Gather, a company building creative coworking spaces here in Richmond. We talked with Jessica Back, Gather’s Sales and Engagement Lead, about the collaborative community Gather is developing and the rapid growth they’re experiencing. Take it away Jess!

Tell us a little about Gather – what’s the primary goal you’re trying to accomplish?

Gather is a local coworking space with locations in downtown Richmond, Scott’s Addition, and Short Pump. We are a membership based organization and provide all of the professional resources needed to make a living. We believe in the power of connection and think that magic happens when likeminded people share a creative space.

We’re leading the way in how work gets done in Richmond and couldn’t be more thrilled to provide our community with a place to be productive, to focus, and to connect.


Tell us how you got involved with the company:

A few friends of mine who were familiar with Gather and it’s concept let me know that the team was looking for an outgoing self-starter to help build the community when the Scott’s Addition location opened. I was connected to James and we hit it off right away! I started the next week and a few days later we opened our doors at Scott’s Addition. It all happened very fast.


Describe a day in the life of Gather…

No one day at Gather is the same. Our team is constantly on the move — we are constantly finding ways to support our members (in and outside of the space). Additionally, we work hard on spreading the word about who we are and what we do.

I primarily focus my time on building the Gather community and the Gather brand. This means networking and talking (lots of talking!) and making sure people are in the loop about what is going on with not only Gather as a community workspace but also the people that make up said workspace.


What is one of the Gather’s biggest challenges?

I think that right now our biggest challenge is also our biggest blessing. We’re growing fast, which is awesome, but it means that we have to keep up.

It’s a challenging position to be in — supporting all of these companies that are growing, when we are growing ourselves. Our team is constantly learning how to adjust but it’s been a blast and the thrill of it all keeps it super interesting.


What might our readers be surprised to learn?

Coworking has the reputation of being start-up focused and that couldn’t be further from the truth about the Gather community. We have a very diverse group of members and truly believe that our community is for anyone and everyone.


Tell us a recent success story.

We recently opened our third Gather location! This is something that the owners have been talking about since my first day on the team, so to be able to see the project come to life from the ground up as been a pretty great experience. It’s something that I think we are all really proud of.

It’s also awesome that we’ve been able to work side-by-side with some of our members to make this project a reality. Our architect is one of our members at Scott’s Addition and we’ve obviously used Helm & Hue for a lot of our printing/marketing needs. It’s been great to really use our resources and our friends to create this third location. It’s what coworking is really all about!


What’s next for Gather?

We would love to see Gather continue to grow within the Richmond region and beyond! We’re just at the beginning of a pretty awesome adventure!


Want to know more about Gather, including how to book a tour or become a community member? Connect with them below!

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