Our Three Most Popular Items from 2017

February 6, 2018
February 6, 2018 helmhue

2017 has wrapped, the books are closed, and we’ve just completed a big audit of what we did throughout the year. It was a stellar year!

One of the more fun aspects of our audit was categorizing and tallying the various projects our clients needed so we can more confidently recommend things moving forward – information that’s coming in handy as a handful of our clients are beginning to prepare for the 2018 spring conference season.

Whether visitors stay and chat or just want to grab-and-go, having beautifully designed, on-brand collateral at events will help you present and make the right impression. You want to draw them in with the right eye-catching banners and be ready to give them takeaways so they can contact you later.

So what is the right collateral? There are lots of options, including the ever-popular branded pen for handing out, but our most popular items were good ‘ole fashioned printed materials.

Here are the top three most requested collateral we designed and printed in 2017:


#3: Brochures

We counted 19 brochure orders in 2017, ranging from bi-folded brochures to multi-page. These ran the gamut with content also, some putting more emphasis on images and overview content, while others on specific information about new services or products.


#2: Banners

Whether used indoors or out, banners of all sizes and stand options were in high demand for 2017 – we tallied 27 different orders! Everything from 8×8’ booth backdrops to retractable pop-ups, banners are one of the best ways to catch people’s eye and draw them in.


#1: Postcards

By far, our most popular collateral item of the year were postcards! With 42 unique postcard projects, we designed and produced cards for a range of clients and objectives. From rack cards to direct mail, these are a fast, inexpensive way to get highlighted information into your audience’s hands.

While printed materials are certainly more expensive to produce than digital marketing, and need to be updated every so often, getting the right collateral created can help carry your brand to audiences that wouldn’t otherwise know who your company is.

If you’re looking to get some new collateral created, for conferences or otherwise, get in touch today – we can certainly help!