Client Spotlight: Flooring RVA

May 14, 2018
May 14, 2018 helmhue
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Here at Helm & Hue, we love working with our amazing clients! Whether they’re a solo entrepreneur or a global company, our clients are all making an impact in their communities. We’ve developed this series as a way of helping them expand their reach and spread the word about how they are making a difference.


This month’s featured Client Spotlight is Flooring RVA, a locally owned full-service flooring and carpet company in Richmond. We talked with the company’s President, Robert Fletcher, about the intense effort it takes for small businesses to be successful, his company’s incredible growth over the last few years, and their goal of giving back to the community. Take it away Robert!

Tell us a little about Flooring RVA – what’s the primary goal you’re trying to accomplish?

Flooring RVA is a full-service flooring and carpet company located in the heart of Richmond Virginia. Our goal is to build a brand that people see as a trusted source for all their flooring and carpet needs. As we continue to grow it excites me to see a long list of clients posting amazing reviews about their experience with us. A bonus to our growth is that we have been able to create more jobs which add strength to our economy.


Tell us how you got involved with the company:

I have been in the flooring and carpet business for nearly 20 years. It was my dream to always open my own store. My fiancé, Stephanie, was my largest influence on launching the company. While riding around one day, looking for a showroom location, she texted me a picture of a guy doing a swan dive off a cliff and said “Robert, you are the only person I know that would jump off a cliff and build wings on the way down. Go sign the lease and make it happen.” I signed the lease on my first location that day. Since that point, we have grown tremendously. I fulfilled my dream by putting a plan into place and executing.


Describe a day in the life of Flooring RVA…

Our days start early in the morning by coordinating the installations scheduled for the day and loading installation crews. Throughout the day it is truly a team effort to ensure in-home consultations are completed, assisting clients in the showroom, ordering of materials and follow up after the sale. Every person in our company plays a key role in the success. As the President of Flooring RVA I have high expectations of what I want to accomplish. This comes from the daily effort I personally put into our company. They say most small businesses fail within the first five years. I think this happens because they aren’t willing to put forth the effort it takes to be successful. It takes hard work and dedication seven days a week.


What is one of the Flooring RVA’s biggest challenges?

I would say the biggest challenge facing Flooring RVA is sustaining the growth. This means recruiting new talent in all divisions and making certain that the current staff is happy. When businesses grow you must adapt to the changes, make certain your current staff is trained properly, and continuously look to recruit the best people possible.


What might our readers be surprised to learn?

One thing readers might be surprised about is that we are more than just a retail flooring and carpet store. We offer a couple of kitchen cabinet lines, bathroom remodeling and more. Flooring RVA has strong partnerships with skilled carpenters, plumbers and other trades to make our destination your one stop shop for your total bathroom renovation.


Tell us a recent success story.

I would normally share a customer experience when asked this question. However, I want to share something Flooring RVA decided to become a sponsor for. Shane Crews, a local mentalist and magician, asked us to become the major sponsor for his upcoming event. A portion of the proceeds from his event will be donated to Comfort Zone. Comfort Zone is a charity focused on helping children that have lost a parent, guardian or sibling. When I launched Flooring RVA, I always wanted us to have the type of success where we could become a positive impact on the local community by helping others. Things, like donating materials to Habitat for Humanity, sponsoring children from the Richmond Boys & Girls Club to attend Richmond Flying Squirrels games, and being involved with Comfort Zone, are things I enjoy doing as a business owner.


What’s next for Flooring RVA?

As I see us continuing to grow, I have big plans for Flooring RVA in the near future. We plan to expand our footprint geographically in the next two years by adding a showroom in Williamsburg Virginia. With the new location, we will be able to service clients in Williamsburg, Gloucester & Hampton Roads.  Adding this new location will create even more jobs and also allow us to service more clients. I am really excited about this expansion and have already started planning for it.


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