Our Clients Needed More From Their Creative Teams. We Built An Integrated Agency That Delivers.

Lots of agencies will tell you they prefer to collaborate with clients. We do, too! Actually, we insist on it. But, we understand that the design and marketing world isn’t typically a client’s area of expertise.

With that in mind, we prioritize making every project as easy as possible for clients to navigate; we respond quickly to questions, we tend to over-explain the branding, design, and/or printing process, and we make sure to be fully transparent each step of the way. No “talk-down” approach. No unclear line items in our invoices. No days-long radio silence.

Turning your ideas and goals into tangible, creative solutions usually starts with coffee and casual conversations. Let’s get started!

Barbara Bliley | Creative Director

Intentional, strategic, objective – all of Barbara’s work begins with one of these in mind. A beautiful brochure might be fun but if it doesn’t bring the right results, it’s nothing more than a waste of time and money. With her background firmly rooted in art and graphic design, Barbara’s passion for strategy emerged when she began to question the “why” instead of just the “what.” Today, she leads our projects from a strategic standpoint, ensuring everything we do relates back to the client’s marketing objectives.

With the objectives determined, Barbara loves creating beautiful, unique design solutions. Whether that’s sketching 100+ concepts for a brand logo or perfecting the balance of a pattern, her collection of colored pencils and notepad is never far from her reach.

When she’s not working for our clients, you’ll find Barbara unplugging and pursuing other creative adventures. Gardening, biking and hiking with her family, and making batches of her great-grandmother’s wine jelly is usually on the weekend docket.

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Nick Toce | Production Director

More than a decade split between newspapers & publishing, small design agencies, and commercial printing companies has given Nick a (admittedly sometimes extreme) passion for clear communication, attention to detail, and funtional design. His effectiveness in the creative arena is compounded by an ever-growing mastership of printing, it’s various processes, and how they can be used to effectively execute client needs.

As Helm & Hue’s production director, Nick works to help brands strategically enhance their marketing capabilities through print, while avoiding trial-and-error production costs, lost time communicating between design and pre-press teams, and ensures clients’ budgets are kept in-line with cost-saving production strategies.

Nick also facilitates client’s online presence through website development, focusing on effective design and communication across multiple media channels.

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What We Believe

Today’s brands have an increasing need to remain consistent in their message while enhancing their ability to stay agile and responsive in a diversifying marketplace.

Being flexible to the medium keeps brands moving forward. Staying true to their audience keeps them successful.

How We Help

Helm & Hue works to keep brand messaging clear and consistent, no matter the method of delivery. As a full scale branding agency, our digital design capabilities are as varied as the clients and industries we serve.

Having in-house commercial printing capabilities ensure messaging and brand quality standards are secured throughout a project’s entirety.

We Build Collaborative Relationships With Clients Focused On Long-Term Growth

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