Barbara Bliley

Co-Founder . Creative Director

Intentional, strategic, objective – all of Barbara’s work begins with one of these in mind. A beautiful brochure might be fun but if it doesn’t bring the right results, it’s nothing more than a waste of time and money. With her background firmly rooted in art and graphic design, Barbara’s passion for strategy emerged when she began to question the “why” instead of just the “what.” Today, she leads our projects from a strategic standpoint, ensuring everything we do relates back to the client’s marketing objectives.

With the objectives determined, Barbara loves creating beautiful, unique design solutions. Whether that’s sketching 100+ concepts for a brand logo or perfecting the balance of a pattern, her collection of colored pencils and notepad is never far from her reach.

When she’s not working for our clients, you’ll find Barbara unplugging and pursuing other creative adventures. Gardening, biking and hiking with her family, and making batches of her great-grandmother’s wine jelly is usually on the weekend docket.

Brand Strategy & Ideation


Print, Digital & Infographic Design


Marketing Strategy & Plan Development


Art Direction