Easley Insurance Agency

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    Easley Insurance Agency

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    May, 2016

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Easley Insurance Agency is a local Nationwide affiliate located in Midlothian, Virginia. Suter Easley purchased the agency in 2011, and a few years after was ready for a customized brand identity and marketing materials to help differentiate themselves from other agents in the community.

Our brand discovery process uncovered details that led to the blue and orange color combinations, reflecting the serious nature of insurance coupled with the team’s fun and spirited personalities. We also capitalized on the agency’s name and experienced agents to create the “e” mark and the tagline.

Their marketing materials moving forward are also a blend of serious and spunk, with a nod towards more modern layouts and a friendly, inviting copy tone.

Our project deliverables included:

Business Cards
Standard Envelopes
Greeting Card & Envelope
Team One Sheet Flyer
Awareness Postcard