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    April 2016

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GPM Investments is the largest privately-owned company in the convenience store channel of business, including the 22nd largest convenience store chain, Fas Mart. In 2016, they expanded into the Midwest after taking ownership of 42 stores with gasoline dispensers and needed a brand logo for their new fuel line.

With a requirement to use the existing brand colors, Helm & Hue was tasked with creating a logo that would match the existing visual style and implement a design that communicated that customers will always get “in and out quickly”. Over 100 concepts were explored. To keep the continuity with their existing brand, we determined that the best solution was a modified version of the existing Fas Mart logo.

Having been created several decades ago, the original font for the Fas Mart logo is unknown (it’s quite likely that it was customized originally) so Helm & Hue recreated some of the letters organically to match the style. We also shortened the racing strips to create more of an “explosive take-off” visual queue.

Additionally, GPM wanted a brand mark that could be used in small, tight spaces. We found that a stacked combination of the stripes and “f” letters made for the perfect solution.

Our project deliverables included:

Brand Ideation & Strategy
Logo Concept Design
Branded Mock Ups of Locations & Signage