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    OAR of Richmond

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    2016, 2017, 2018

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OAR of Richmond helps returning citizens successfully reintegrate to their communities after serving long-term prison sentences. Primarily focusing on serious offenders, OAR works with jailing facilities and justice centers in Richmond, Henrico, Chesterfield and Pamunkey.

In 2011, the organization undertook a major reorganizing initiative; entire processes were refocused to improve community relations, client development and employee retention. Under these new strategies, OAR of Richmond operates as an entirely new organization.

To reflect the new attitudes and success at OAR, Helm & Hue rebranded them with a fresh, vibrant logo to symbolize success, acceptance and hope for their clients. Additionally, we created several elements that support the identity, including a custom font that is used in a variety of descriptor words that emphasize their vision and values. Brand-colored journey bars signify the three years clients work with OAR, speech bubbles highlight client and team member testimonials, and images of hard-working individuals complete the identity of their rebuilt, reintegrated clients.

With the brand strategy and visual elements established, we created several collateral pieces that OAR can use at events within the community to carry their brand forward, educate volunteers, encourage potential clients and help strengthen relationship with community partners.

Once OAR completed their move into a renovated office location, Helm & Hue brought their brand elements to life with large format production in and around their new building. Exterior and interior vinyl brought brand elements to life; reminding both team members and clients of their mission, values and beliefs.

Our project deliverables included:

Business Cards
Standard Envelopes
Overview Brochure
Table Cover
Popup Indoor Banner
Interior & Exterior Building Signage