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    October, 2016

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Out of over 5,000 realtors in the Richmond region, Stephanie Parady ranks in the top 7% and has been recognized by her peers with numerous awards for her outstanding work and customer service over the last few years. She’s blazing a trail that inspires other realtors and focuses solely on helping her clients find their perfect homebase.

After she broke away from an established Hometown Realty team in early 2016, she approached Helm & Hue for help in creating an exceptional brand identity and marketing collateral she could use across a spectrum of items, including pop-by gifts for her clients.

Our brand exploration process picked up on a solid essence: Ownership. We felt that ownership meant starting from the ground up, and we used that feeling to create a series of hand-sketched illustrations which highlight all the amazing things about living in Richmond, including different landmarks, representative icons, and popular Richmond nicknames. To ensure it all tied together, we created a single tiled pattern that can be used indefinitely, adding instant interest to all of her branded materials.

With the brand in place, we created a series of items of eye-catching materials that utilized the strong graphics of her brand, including an 8×8’ backdrop banner for community events, wine boxes and glasses for closing gifts, notecards for random notes to her clients, and much more. We even outfitted her desk with a decal of her pattern and logo, boosting her brand presence for everyone else in the co-working building to see, remember, and carry her brand forward.

Because after all, Ownership starts with great relationships.

Our project deliverables included:

Hand-Drawn Brand Sketching
Business Cards
Postcards & Mailers
A9 Envelopes
Wine Boxes
Writing Pens
Plastic “Open House” Signage & Frames
Metal “For Sale” Signage & Frames
Branded Backdrop Banners
Wrapping Paper (Outsourced)
Wine Glasses (Outsourced)