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    September, 2016

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In an already competitive industry, Re: Events stands apart with their unique, out-of-the-box ideas and original details that make their events such memorable experiences; resulting in higher annual return rates for Re: Event clients and more brand awareness and interaction for their customers.

Re: is more than part of their name – it embodies the high energy, excitement and attitude they bring to their clients, their events and their goals. It represents Re: Events’ focus on a truly unique client experience.

After an in-depth exploration of the company, Helm & Hue developed a name that embodies the end goal, a brand promise that rallies employees to the cause and a set of supporting graphics that are emblematic of the solid energy and sometimes goofy ideas they put together. We also crafted a comprehensive marketing plan to help the company launch themselves effectively, gain momentum in brand awareness and build their online presence.

Upon completion of the branding package, Helm & Hue created an accompanying website to showcase the Re: Event brand and act as a sounding board for highlighting their events and client success.

Our project deliverables included:

Full Brand Development
Business Card Design & Production
Website Design & Development