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    2017, 2018

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Zuula is a mid-Atlantic communications and plain language firm focused on helping companies develop clear and compelling content. By building efficiency and clarity across corporate messaging, clients empower their brands and drive audiences to act.

Helm & Hue was tasked with taking a new brand identity (the circle mark) and developing a complete brand foundation, a suite of marketing collateral, and the full development of their new online presence.

We incorporated a colorful — and functional: their brand colors resonate with those struggling with colorblindness — identity that balanced Zuula’s professional and approachable nature. We developed image strategy around their core values of simplicity, clarity, and professionalism.

Our project deliverables included:

Full-Scale Brand Development
Brand Guidelines and Supplementary Images
Business Cards + Stationary Suite
Marketing Postcards
Table Cover + Pop Up Event Banner
Responsive Website Design
Email Communication Templates