Small Business Roundtable

Helm & Hue has a passion for working with small business. At this event, we’ll come together with entrepreneurs – current clients and new friends alike – to discuss issues their companies are facing in today’s market and brainstorm solutions.

Each participant will have time to present a current challenge or potential idea, then gather ideas and feedback from participants. We will be facilitating these discussions from a branding and marketing standpoint, sharpening our collective understanding of what and how the participants should be doing to maximize their digital and print communications.

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InDesign & Photoshop Training

This full-day training will cover both InDesign workflow shortcuts and tips for working with images in Photoshop to make designers faster and more efficient in creating proposal documents and other marketing collateral.

This course will blend beginner and intermediate topics, so course participants will be expected to be familiar with each program’s workspace and how basic editing tools work. Students must bring a laptop if they wish to follow along with the course exercises.

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Marketing Plan Workshop

A solid marketing plan is one of the three tenets to running a successful business. Developing a great plan means delving into several areas that will help you identify strengths and weaknesses, who your target audience and competitors truly are, then focuses your efforts with targeted tactics for greater success.

Our workshop will zero in on teaching you how to identify and develop the key points of what makes a great marketing plan and how to implement it for greater business success.

This Event Has Passed.